Sister Chapters

The Sister Chapters Program was initiated to forge links between chapters within the same Region and foster fellowship and cooperation. In keeping with this great tradition, the Michigan Region has many chapters which have sister chapters. The Michigan Region itself is sister region to the Alabama Region.

To be a sister chapter to another is not only an oath but a commitment to that chapter. You may ask, "What kind of a commitment are you talking about?", well we are here to clarify what it takes to be a sister chapter.

As the Pledge says, "We pledge to support them as our sister chapter, and promise to aid them in all worthy endeavors." Take notice of the words that we have underlined, support and worthy endeavors. These are the keys to being a good sister chapter.

When you take this pledge you are promising that your chapter will support the other chapter in all their worthy endeavors, these endeavors could and do run hand and hand with the four hallmarks of Phi Theta Kappa; Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship. Under the four hallmarks, your chapter should be ready to assist your sister chapter when called upon:



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Share what you have learned at your chapter through research, share the successes and your failures, this way they will learn from you and improve their chapter. This is a two way street, if you share they will share. Build upon the knowledge shared between the chapters.




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Share your experiences with your sister chapter. If you are holding a leadership workshop, invite your sister chapter and their members to attend. Always remember, we are the leaders of our chapters and we are here to build the future leaders that will follow in our footprints. Bringing your sister chapter into your workshops builds a stronger bond between the chapters and also builds stronger bonds throughout the region.




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Lend a hand with Service project as needed. If the chapter is short a few members to complete a service project, then offer them the assistance. Extend a hand to them in these times of need.




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Who doesn't want to spend time with the people that have the same goals as you? If you are having a fellowship event, spread it around the region so that other chapters can attend. You will find that you have the support of the region and people will come. This is also applied to your sister chapter, support them by going to their events and in return they will come to yours.


We take these pledges between chapters because we know other officers and members within them. We have become friends with these people, why are we only seeing them and interacting with them at the conferences. Why not see them as often as we can? This is what being a sister chapter means, the simple acts stated above, through our hallmarks, are what the support and worthy endeavors truly mean.