Michigan Regional Conference 2018

Celebrating 30 Totally Radical Years
May 18-20, 2018

We are, like, totally stoked to invite you to our awesome Regional Conference. Michigan Region will be celebrating 30 radical years and Jackson College is celebrating 90 years…so it’s time to party on dude!! The conference begins Friday, May 18 at 3pm in Bert Walker Hall at Jackson College Central Campus with registration and a MRAA meet and greet. We will be welcomed by our regional officers and hear from our regional officer candidates. The highly anticipated Awards Gala happens Saturday night, in Baughman Theater, located on campus and includes opening the 1988 time capsule. Following the gala, is the MRAA sponsored After Party, including a 1980s costume contest. The conference will adjourn at 11am on Sunday, May 20th.

Registration Fees: $85.00
$75.00 MRAA
$75.00 Saturday Only
Registration Form

The registration deadline is Monday, April 23rd. If you register late, we may not be able to provide swag bags, shirts or your food requests. Email registration forms to Regionals2018@outlook.com

We would like to put together an 80s slide show. If you have pictures of yourself, or of your chapter from the 1980s, please send them to the above email and include a brief description or the name of the person in the picture.

Attached is a list of nearby hotels and pricing, you will notice that Jackson College dorms, Campus View Housing, are being offered to Phi Theta Kappa members at $30 per night, per person. These rooms are a private room within a four-room suite. An individual room includes an extra-long twin bed, desk, and a closet in a lockable room. The four-room suite has a common area and two bathrooms to be shared by the four suite mates. Similar to Honors Institute and L.O.C., guests staying in Campus View Housing will need to pack their own linens (see packing list). The benefits of Campus View Housing include the on-campus location, fellowship with region members, and each person having their own bed and room. For more information about Campus View Housing please contact Regionals2018@outlook.com

We are, like, so excited to see you and your awesome 80s style!!

Nicole Cossum-Ready, Jackson College
Niki Clarke, Macomb Community College
Sarah Kohler, MRAA
Martha Petry, Jackson College and MRAA