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Kari Kahler Kari Kahler

Regional Coordinator
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As Michigan’s Regional Coordinator, Kari provides guidance and insight to the regional officer team and serves chapters as a liaison to Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters. She was recognized by Headquarters in April 2015 with the Distinguished Regional Coordinator award. Kari was named Coordinator in September 2009 and is the third Regional Coordinator to serve Michigan following in the footsteps of Tom Obee (1997 – 2009) and Gail Knapp (1990 – 1997).

Kari is the Associate Dean for the Department of Learning Services at Northwestern Michigan College where she provides leadership for the following departments—Academic and Career Advising, Disability Support Services, the Student Success Center, the Tutoring and Math Centers and the Honors Program. She serves on a number of college wide committees that impact student learning, persistence, retention and college completion. She has been an Advisor for the Alpha Rho Pi Chapter since 1997 and has watched them grow from 1 star to 5 star!

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Michigan Region Resources

Need some guidance in the areas of CollegeFish, Competitive Edge, Fundraising, Recruitment, or Retention? Check out the Michigan Region Resources google drive folder. You can find tips, tricks, and a bunch of ideas regarding each focus area. This is a free resource for all and it continues to grow. Check it out every so often to find more and more helpful information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Regional Board.

Michigan Region Resources


The Leadership Toolkit

This page serves to provide all Michigan Region chapters with various "tools" to attain exemplary success in their leadership, fellowship, scholarship and service skills. The 2012-13 Regional Board has comprised an array of accessible resources for chapters in an effort to make this possible! Below are countless tools that could greatly help your team to become a Five Star Chapter! (For more information on "Five Star Chapter Development," please visit: ptk.org/fivestar). The Regional Board encourages ALL CHAPTERS and MEMBERS to reach five star status!

The "Leadership Toolkit" serves as a guide to help chapters advance in their leadership and teamwork experience. The Regional Board values the importance of essential skills such as effective communication, critical thinking and evaluating accomplishments/mistakes. The Regional Board hopes that you will study these materials, as they can definitely help contribute to your chapter's success!

Leadership Toolkit Files
(Print and/or save these files to a hard drive for convenient access!)

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