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Honors in Action - putting "honors" in "action"

Researching the Honors Study Topic and turning what you've learned into Action.

The 2016-18 Honors Study Topic: How the World Works: Global Perspective

As honor students in Phi Theta Kappa we exhibit four hallmarks: Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship, and Service. The Honors in Action project is destined to integrate all four hallmarks for which this organization stands.

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Beginning with Scholarship, a chapter is to conduct academic research on the current Honors Study Topic which changes every s and direct their research towards one of the ten issues listed in the Honors Program Guide. (To see this, you'll have to go to the Phi Theta Kappa website, log in, and click on the Honors in Action link.) The chapter may want to consult with a community resource or their college educators for advice on which direction to go with their research.

Using Leadership, each chapter can now identify a need in their community based on the research they conducted on their issue and the Honors Study Topic. To fill that need the chapter shall provide a Service to their community, building Fellowship among Phi Theta Kappa and community members along the way.

Each year chapters who submit an Honors in Action Project are recognized for accomplishments and their efforts in helping the world become a brighter, better, and more beautiful place to live at the Annual Convention as well as the Michigan Regional Convention. It is a pretty exciting event and we encourage you to be involved!!

Regional Honors in Action Project

The Regional Honors in Action project was based on research and information provided by the chapters of the Michigan Region on the completion rates of thier respective colleges. It was then determined by this information that the Regional Board would organize a Community College Completion Corps awareness event at the state capital on Lansing. At this time, feedback is still being gathered about the impact this project has created. For further information on the event, please visit the C4 Campagns tab from the menu above.