Frequently Asked Questions

All the information you will need to run for regional office is posted on the Regional Elections page. Make sure you read over Michigan's Bylaws and understand the requirements of the position you want to run for before you apply.

To request a Candidate Application Request Form email Onjalai Flake. Please include your name, complete mailing address, email address, daytime telephone number, chapter, college and the office you plan to seek. Candidate applications will be available beginning in October.

Information about regional scholarships can be found on the scholarships tab on this site. Applications are due by April 10.

There are five regional scholarships awarded to five Phi Theta Kappa members from the Michigan Region each year of $250. Plus the Michigan Nathaniel Erickson Memorial Oberndor (Mi-NE) Scholarship which is awarded to the highest scoring member of the Michigan Region who applis for the Oberndorf Lifeline Scholarship at ptk.org/oberndorf. There are also more than $37 million in transfer scholarships available to you from over 700 four-year institutions at collegefish.org. Create a profile on collegefish.org and see what transfer scholarships are availble to you at the transfer institution of your choice.

If your chapter has an event or fundraiser you would like to invite the region to participate in, e-mail the information (chapter, date, time, location, description, and any fees) and flyer to us at miregion.ptk@gmail.com. Your event can then be posted here on the Regional website and sent out to the Region via e-mail.

The Michigan Regional listserve is the Michigan Region's online mailing list. When Regional announcements are made by e-mail, instead of typing in every single individual member's e-mail address, the sender types in the group's name (e.g. "mi-ptk-chapter-officers") and the e-mail goes out to everyone who subscribed to the listserve. It is important to subscribe, so your chapter doesn't miss out on important updates, changes in events, or announcements. Your e-mail will not be given out to any third parties and will not be used for anything but the purpose of informing you of Regional and chapter activities, information, and updates.

Any member of Phi Theta Kappa from Michigan can join the Regional listserve.

You can send an e-mail to miregion.ptk@gmail.com and we will add you, OR you can set up an account at groups.google.com which will only take a few minutes and do a search for "MI PTK Chapter Officers" and send a request to join. Its just that simple!

If you do not want to receive messages from the regional board you can easily unsubscribe by sending an email to mi-ptk-chapter-officers+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com or you can visit the MI-PTK-Chapter-Officers group and click on "Edit my membership" located on the right-hand side to choose from other options of how you would like to view emails.