Michigan Region of Phi Theta Kappa
Chapter Officer Regional Encouragement Program
2019 – 2020

Let the Collaboration Begin!!

The purpose of the C.O.R.E. program is to encourage involvement in the Phi Theta Kappa Michigan Region as well as strengthen communication between members and regional officers. The regional officers can attend events such as induction ceremonies, member orientation, and chapter events; or help with fundraising, recruitment, teambuilding, etc.

Each Regional Officer will have specific C.O.R.E. chapters to contact. The Regional Board is encouraging you to participate, and we want to hear from you! If you have questions, concerns, comments, or are in need of any assistance, please contact us at the email listed below for your C.O.R.E, officer.

Chapters are encouraged to communicate with their C.O.R. E. Regional Officer with an invitation to events. Regional Officers would appreciate getting the invitation at least 2-4 weeks prior to the event so they can plan accordingly. If your C.O.R.E. officer is not available, we will try and have another officer attend when possible.


Elena Wong
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Maxwell Olmstead
Vice President
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Hannah Witte
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Julian B. Wilson
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Bay de Noc C.C.
Alpha Xi Delta
Grand Rapids C.C.
Alpha Upsilon Kappa
Alpena C.C.
Nu Omicron
Delta College
Xi Delta
Henry Ford C.C.
Alpha Xi Mu
Kellogg C.C.
Alpha Nu Eta
Glen Oaks C.C.
Alpha Delta Omega
Macomb Community College
Beta Lambda Kappa
Northwestern Michigan College
Alpha Rho Pi
Kirtland C.C.
Alpha Omicron Gamma
Gogebic C.C.
Alpha Rho Chi
Montcalm C.C.
Alpha Tau Alpha
Oakland C.C. Orchard Ridge
Alpha Omicron Xi
Lake Michigan College
Mu Nu
Jackson College
Alpha Rho Lambda
Mott Community College
Alpha Omicron Iota
Schoolcraft College
Omicron Iota
Mid Michigan College
Alpha Omicron Omicron
Kalamazoo Valley C.C.
Alpha Rho Nu
Muskegon Community College
Beta Xi Xi
St. Clair County C.C.
Lambda Mu
Monroe County C.C.
Tau Omicron
Lansing Community College
Mu Tau
Oakland C.C. Royal Oak/Southfield
Alpha Omicron Psi
Washtenaw Community College
Beta Gamma Alpha
North Central Michigan College
Alpha Omicron Upsilon
Oakland C.C. Auburn Hills
Alpha Omicron Rho
Southwestern Michigan College
Sigma Psi
Oakland C.C. Highland Lakes
Alpha Omicron Kappa
West Shore C.C.
Alpha Phi Phi
Wayne County C.C. District
Alpha Upsilon Zeta